Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Color Splash

After living on an air mattress for the first few months of our marriage (which Penny thoroughly enjoyed because she could leap onto it and try to wrestle us) and then in Marian and Jeffs spare room (which was so fun and Penny also thoroughly enjoyed since she had so many friends), we are settled and in a place we can call home (where Penny loves to roll in the mud and eat Bees). We moved onto Creek Canyon Avenue about a month ago and have painted every single room in the house except the master bath where the ladder, plastic protective sheet, and a few painting odds and ends have sat for at least a week now. Ok maybe three...

But an interesting thing about painting I have learned: if you plan to paint the whole house, you should plan all the colors before actually painting it.

We..I...got a little ahead of ourselves and couldn't decide on bright or neutral, so our downstairs and bathroom are bright and the upstairs is neutral with a couple of accent walls. If you stand in the hallway, you can see about 15 colors all at once.

Seriously, our walls are green, gray, beige, brown, yellow, blue, light blue, and of course the last white walls. And we love it! But I still have to paint that bathroom. I'm thinking gray. Gray and blue were our colors for the wedding so we have lots of things in those colors, including bathmats. Our house also has slightly different shades of blinds throughout, and one green mint blind in the bathroom. I wanted colorful blinds, but Greg definitely knew with our rainbow house that would be a bad idea, so I only held out for the one mint in the bathroom.

Enough about fixing the house! Whew, it has been really fun, but like this post and HGTV, getting a little drawn out.

Hi Ho Sailor.


  1. Hallelujah! You updated your blog. I'm sure life has been so crazy since you got married the blog was last priority. Yay for colorful houses though! Ha ha I can't wait to come see it.

  2. What in the world...Sarah Bang Anderson updated her blog!! Love it! I also love the paint colors in your cute house! Come visit us please...

  3. How exciting to have your own home (in all your own colors too) :) We'd love to come visit sometime... but until baby #2 is born we are kinda sticking around here for awhile, for the most part...We will be in St. George in a couple weeks if you want to meet up there! We'll miss you all this Thanksgiving! :(